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Testimonials from satisfied customers - from around the world
Testimonials from satisfied customers - from around the world
The cards are a playful way of introducing positive psychology concepts into a team. It gives real world scenarios and an opportunity to learn about new approaches to deal with these. It was fun, non-threatening and insightful to play
— AuthorCharles Martin-Krumm Conference Organiser at University of Bretagne Occidentale and associated with the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology's name
Testimonials from satisfied customers - from around the world
Since making the wise decision :) to include Appreciating Change’s Coaching Cubes in one of my corporate coaching sessions in early December, I have become a genuine believer in “Cube Power”. What a superbly “simple” way to power-charge coaching sessions and motivate clients. Valuable discussions invariably pull loose “what if” threads together, thus promoting clear, precise, long-lasting “client authored” results. WOW. Thank you Sarah!
— Christine Demmy-Moldenhauer
Testimonials from satisfied customers - from around the world
With their Taste of AI Cards, Appreciating People are pioneers in the field of Appreciative Inquiry, using the process and philosophy in situations and places where no one else has.
— Jane Magruder Watkins

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