Positive Emotions Cards for Boosting Wellbeing and Happiness

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Thirty positive emotions at your fingertips

Boost wellbeing for yourself or your clients

It is estimated that forty percent of our wellbeing experience is within our own control, yet many people have no idea that they can change their own emotional state. This colourful and engaging card pack provides everything you need to help people to boost their wellbeing and develop greater emotional resilience. 

Research shows many benefits from feeling good, from better wellbeing and mental health, through greater resilience, to improved relationships and work performance. These cards spell out the specific benefits of each emotion at home and at work. Build your business case for wellbeing in the workplace!

Let's talk about feeling good exercise

Free user guide to positive emotion cards

Created By Sarah Lewis

Created by associate fellow and chartered member of the British Psychology Society, positive psychology specialist Sarah Lewis.

'I developed these cards as an aide to professionals working in coaching, counselling, therapy or consultancy who want to boost the mental health and psychological wellbeing of their clients through interactive exercises and supported dialogue.' 

Suggested Uses for the Positive Emotions Card Pack

These colourful, informative, easy to use Positive Emotions Cards are great for boosting mental health and general wellbeing. They can be used many different ways to support wellbeing.

Boost Wellbeing. These cards explain why positive emotions are good for us, provide coaching questions to expand wellbeing awareness and give ideas for how to experience a greater range of positive feelings.

Pinpoint Emotional Development. Specialized categories of positive emotions - activating, relational, restorative, soothing and transformational - allows personalized focused emotional development for each and every client or team, well beyond just becoming happier.

Make Feeling Good a Way of Life. Use the 200 plus coaching questions and actions provided to really understand positive emotions and their transformative power. These cards can be used again and again to boost wellbeing.

Ten Action Ideas. The pack provides outline guidance for activities such as


  • Boosting your Client’s Experience of Positive Emotions
  • Helping Clients Develop Wellbeing-Supporting Habits
  • Facilitating Team Bonding
  • Building Positive Team Cultures
  • Supporting Career Coaching
  • Exploring Job Crafting
  • Building a Business Case for Wellbeing
  • Coaching and Self-Coaching
  • Building a Business Case for Wellbeing

  • Allowing you to get started immediately with improving your own or your clients’ wellbeing. Help them feel better, draw up an action plan for emotional growth, or create wellbeing habits. 


    Product Information for the Positive Emotions Card Pack?

    Your 12x16.5x2.5cm pack weighs just 0.28Kg and contains

    • An Introductory Card illustrating the five emotional categories: Activating, Relational, Restorative, Soothing and Transformative, for easy reference
    • An Exercises Card offering guidance on ten ways to use the card pack to boost wellbeing in individuals and teams
    • Five Benefits Cards, that explain the well-being benefit of experiencing each emotion both for personal wellbeing and for organisational performance and culture
    • Thirty Positive Emotions Cards with a picture illuminating the emotion, a brief explanation of the feeling, four coaching questions and four suggested activities or mindset ideas
    • A Sturdy Cardboard Box for ease of storage and handling

    Introducing the Emotions

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