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The idea that we all have inbuilt character strengths that help us succeed is the top idea that has entered organisational thinking from positive psychology.

Most human resource and related professionals are aware that knowledge and active use of strengths in the workplace is one of the quickest routes to motivation and performance.

There is a good selection of psychometrics out there to help anyone assess their own work place strengths, for example

But you don’t have to use psychometrics to work with strengths

Useful though psychometrics can be, there are some advantages to using strengths card packs to identify strengths through strengths discovery conversations and exercises. For example:

  • It’s a dynamic, unfolding process - adding energy and interest
  • The feedback is in person and can be interrogated – allowing for a nuanced view of the strength
  • Workplace Strengths profiles can be arrived at in discussion with others – giving a rounded view
  • Groups can quickly identify their strengths at work – to increase team performance
  • It facilitates story telling about the use of strengths – giving clarity about strengths in action
  • Good strengths exercises produce lots of real-life data– allowing a personalised understanding of each individual’s strengths profile to emerge
  • The cards can be exchanged and moved about – allowing each person to build their strengths profile in conversation with others
  • People find it fun – encouraging positive mood and building relationships


But which pack of strengths cards to use?

We stock four different sets of work-related strengths cards, each have different features and are suitable to different challenges, opportunities and client groups.

Positran Strengths Cards

Positran strengths cards

  • These are a very popular set of cards, partly because of the dynamic imagery, and partly because of the comprehensive information on the reverse of the card.
  • I use these extensively in training sessions with groups of managers or staff, and for quick strengths identification exercises.

At my best Strengths Cards

At my best’ strengths cards
  • These are also popular and well-known. They are valued for their versatility and simplicity as the image side is text free, allowing it to be used imaginatively, while the strengths on the reverse are only one word
  • I use these strengths cards when working with the general public or with staff who are not overly familiar with self-development exercises.

VIA Strengths Cards

VIA strengths cards
  • These cards contain the original values-in-action character strengths identified in the initial research by Seligman and Peterson. The focus is on putting the strength into action.
  • I use these cards working with groups that specifically want to work with the VIA strengths, or if I am teaching these strengths as part of a positive psychology course.

 BeTalent Strengths Cards

BeTalent strengths cards
  • These cards are specifically workplace oriented and are based on extensive research by a top UK psychologist. The cards are valued for this, and because they outline how each strength shows itself in workplace behaviour
  • I use these cards for sessions where the emphasis is on using strengths at work to improve performance, either individually or in the team


More information on each set of cards can be found on their individual pages.

Remember, if you decide to buy a pack you get 10% discount with a newsletter subscription

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