Appreciative Inquiry Cards: Action Cards to Support Appreciative Inquiry Practice

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This great positive psychology tool is designed help you prepare and run a great Appreciative Inquiry session.

Everything you need in one pack. 

This beautifully designed appreciative inquiry toolkit is packed with clear explanations of the 5D model, a guide to great appreciative inquiry questions, simple explanations of the five key principles of appreciative inquiry and 28 inspiring quotes on the back of imagination-provoking image cards.

Everything you need to explain or conduct appreciative inquiry in one small box, including question cards and story telling cards

Free user guide for Appreciative inquiry cards

Workshop exercise: Creative Conversations for Change using the Appreciative Inquiry Cards

Designed By Sarah Lewis

This definitive card pack has been created by associate fellow and chartered member of the British Psychology Society, positive psychology specialist Sarah Lewis to support fellow practitioners. She says

'I have worked with, and taught, appreciative inquiry for many years and I developed these cards to share the core practice model and principles to support facilitators, consultants, coaches, leaders and others learning and practicing appreciative inquiry.' 

Suggested Uses for the Appreciative Inquiry Card Pack

Identifying Strengths in the Workplace. Use the discovery interview card to elicit stories of people at their best at work. Then identify the strengths they have that enable this great performance. We have a selection of strengths cards to help with identifying strengths at work.

Run a complete appreciative inquiry session. From defining an appreciative topic, through discovery, dreaming and design to destiny, these cards are there to support your practice. Want to go into the theory? There are cards to support explanation, and exploration, of the key principles. 

Get support for getting started with appreciative inquiry. A little nervous about getting going in your new practice? This pack contains what you need to get started: a clear picture of the model, questions to guide you or your delegates around the model, explanations of the technical language behind the model, and the supporting principles. Boost your confidence to take your first steps to working this way.

Perfect as a take-home for delegates or trainees, this versatile pack contains all the key concepts and practice of appreciative inquiry in one handy, easy to use pack. Add value to your session with this well designed, succinct, aide-memoire.

Make use of the cards in other contexts. The picture cards are a great resource for the dream phase of appreciative inquiry, and beyond. Story work, coaching and personal development can all benefit from story cards, while the clever encapsulating phrases provide memorable prompts to shift perspective and thinking in any development situation.

Our carefully designed pack of cards are perfect for

  • Introducing groups to the Power of Appreciative Inquiry
  • Bringing Appreciative Inquiry into your Coaching
  • Designing an Appreciative Inquiry Intervention
  • Delivering an Appreciative Inquiry Session
  • Supporting your Appreciative Inquiry Training Sessions
  • Remembering Key Practice and Theory Points of Appreciative Inquiry

Product Information for the Appreciative Inquiry Card Pack

Your 12x16.5x2.5cm pack of Appreciative Inquiry Cards weighs 0.22 kg and contains:

  • 5 Stages of Appreciative Inquiry Cards illustrating the 5D (Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Destiny) model, with explanations of each phase
  • 5 Core Question Cards, one for each phase, to support you through delivering the 5D model
  • 5 Principles Cards explaining each of the principles behind the Appreciative Inquiry process in plain English
  • 28 Image and Quote cards with a wide range of arresting images on one side and memorable phases on the other. The memorable phases are carefully selected to be true to the spirit of AI and together with the varied images really help spur participants to dream about possibilities for themselves, their team and their organisation.
  • A card outlining seven ideas for using the pack

Suitable for experienced practitioners or those new to the practice, this card pack will prove a valuable addition to your toolkit.


 Appreciative Inquiry Cards on Deckhive

Our Appreciative Inquiry Cards are also available on Deckhive, the online card sharing platform, so you can use them with groups even when you are meeting remotely. See how on the video below and find our cards on Deckhive



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