Positran Strengths Cards Perfect for Coaching and Consultancy

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'These are great materials to support a strengths workshop.' Strengths card customer

Fifty positive psychology strengths in the workplace in one pack

A wealth of information about each strength on each card

These attractive, informative, research based strengths cards are perfect for coaches, consultants and managers who want to boost wellbeing and productivity by helping people identify and learn how to better use their inherent character strengths. A wealth of information with each strength described, suggestions for activating strengths, stretch ambitions, and self-identification guidance on each card

The pack has quite a variety of strengths, all with clear explanations and guidance for improving" A satisfied customer

Discovering Strengths Using Appreciative Inquiry and Strengths Cards to Boost Mood, Self-Awareness and Confidence

Free user guide to positran strengths cards

Created by Professor Ilona Boniwell

These cards are designed by leading positive psychology practitioner Professor Ilona Boniwell who describes them like this

'An essential resource for any practitioner of positive psychology, the Strengths Cards can be used in any coaching or training setting, in one-to-one or in group work. With innovative exercises suggested these Strengths Cards always leave participants excited and eager to learn more. Each and every one of the cards contains an innovative photo and the name of the strength on the front side as well as the questions that can be used to identify this strength, its descriptions and suggestions to both activate it and develop it further on the back. With 50 strengths in the pack, they cover the full scope of the current scientific knowledge about strengths, without being tied in to any one of the available (competing!) strengths inventories.'

Suggested Uses for your Strengths Cards

 Their use enhances any training or development session. We have found them particularly well received by Human Resource and other professionals due the extended information on each card.

They are perfect for

  • Identifying Team Strengths
  • Coaching for Strengths
  • Helping people identify their strengths
  • Helping people identify other people’s strengths
  • Icebreaker and Firelighter exercises
  • Developing skill in using strengths
  • Developing strength-spotting skills
  • Increasing strengths vocabulary in people and groups
  • Supporting appreciative feedback
  • Increasing confidence

Recommended Strengths Practitioner Training

If you work a lot with strengths, and would like to boost your credentials and demonstrate your expertise, then we highly recommend the great value online Strengths Practitioner Certificate Training run by our affiliated colleagues the School of Positive Transformation.

This video based course is delivered by Professor Ilona Boniwell, who designed this strengths card pack and who is an expert in the area and an inspiring teacher. It is a specifically focused course of 50 hours tuition. Priced at around $290 (currently approx. £236) it represents excellent value. Free assessment tools are included and there is a weekly Q and A session.

Product Information for your Strengths Cards

 Your 15.5x10.5x2 cm cellophane-wrapped pack weighs 0.3 kg and contains:

  • Fifty picture named strengths cards each of which has 
    • A description of each strength
    • How to self-identify the strength
    • Ways to activate the strength
    • Ways to stretch your use of the strength
  • A guide to using your strengths cards which includes an explanation of strengths theory and three introductory exercises
  • A distinctive holding carton

For examples and ideas for how these cards can be used and the value they bring to workshops, coaching sessions and more have a look at their user guide or our youtube video amongst the images of this product.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product - not that great shipment

The cards are fantastic, we've actually been using them in the past and are very happy. The shipment to Poland though was a disaster, the tracking code I got was wrong and did not enable checking what's happening with the shipment. It also took a few days for the customer service team to respond to my inquiry about it. It took more than 3 weeks to deliver, during which we actually missed the training we wanted to use the cards at...

Sarah Setterfield
Fabulous materials!

These are great materials to support a strengths workshop. Thank you

Grainne Walsh coach

Thank you Sarah for such a simple yet effective tool. I�m so looking forward to using these in my next sessions. An original way of breaking the ice and getting through to executives, drawing out both their strengths and possible weak spots. Grateful for this tool and look forward to checking out more!

Lindsay Roe

Strengths Cards - Positran: Dr Ilona Boniwell - When will these be back in stock?