Appreciating Change is the sister company to The Positive Psychology Shop. We are passionate about bringing positive psychology to the workplace, to create flourishing organizations and to support positive personal growth and development.

We do this through our consultancy and training services. These are run by Sarah Lewis, a chartered organisational psychologist and post-graduate university lecturer with thirty years of working with organizations to create positive, strengths-based and sustainable change. Sarah is also the owner of The Positive Psychology Shop - which actually grew out of her need to find practical tools to use in her consultancy and training work!

Sarah believes strongly that the value she brings to organisations lies in the application of science-backed practical activity to create lasting and sustainable change; and in teaching others how to do this.

We have a number of different ways to help organizations and individuals achieve their potential in a positive way. Some of these are provided by Sarah directly through her other company, Appreciating Change, while others are provided by trusted partners of hers. You can find them all below.

One-to-one Online Coaching

Sarah offers both one-off 'pick my brains' sessions for leaders and managers with a specific tricky issue at work and also sustained catching support package, all delivered remotely wherever you are in the world.

Online Training Courses

Appreciating Change have a number of online short courses narrated by Sarah Lewis with quizzes and downloadable resources.

In Person Training Workshops

All Sarah's bespoke training workshops are highly interactive and participatory. Sarah will work with you to ensure that the training session is tailored to meet the needs of your audience in the time-frame available. Using products from our positive psychology tools shop, class exercises, case studies and discussions she makes sure the training is engaging and enjoyable. Her ambition is that people leave with the ability to put their training into effect right away.

When training online we can create that hands-on sensation through our association with deckhive.

Strengths Based Consultancy

Sarah works with organisations that want to change how they work. Drawing on modern twenty-first century change approaches she helps them energise their people into co-creating change with them, saving time and money.  

She does this using several techniques, including Appreciative Inquiry, that help people see change as something they can influence. This means they can become organization's partners in change rather than the source of problems to be overcome.

Sarah As A Speaker

Sarah is a knowledgeable, engaging and lively speaker. She has the ability to establish a quick rapport with an audience with her friendly, welcoming style.

Sarah encourages active engagement, involving the audience in the conversation through short exercises and direct interaction. The hour long lecture with PowerPoint just isn't enough any more - get a speaker who engages and responds to her audience!

The School Of Positive Transformation

The School of Positive Transformation has brought many worldwide experts on Positive Psychology into an online school. It has to be the next best thing to being able to attend their courses in person