How To Make Your Meetings Great 'The Positive Way': An E-Guide for Managers

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Stop meetings being a place energy and ideas go to die - make them productive and invigorating, make them great!

 Meetings have the potential to allow the whole to be greater than the sum of the parts by bringing a diversity of experience and knowledge together to create innovative, informed and holistic plans and solutions. Yet all too often they become bore-fests, or political jousting matches with disengaged participants fretting at the wasted time when there are so many other things they need to do.

In this guide I will show you how to give your meetings the best possible chance to be successful.

Achieve your objectives with How to Make Your Meetings Great

We all know what a bad meeting feels like: you don't know why you're there and any snippets of useful information or discussion are interspersed with long stretches of time that could have been better spent on those urgent things on your to do list. This guide not only shows you how to avoid calling meetings like this as a leader, but shows you how to turn meetings into a real plus in the day for everyone involved.

Product Information on How to Make Your Meetings Great E-book

This e-book includes: 

  1. A step-by-step guide to:

    • Deciding when and where meetings are appropriate - is there a better way of achieving your objective by using other forms of communication?

    • How to make sure your meeting is useful to everyone attending, including you by helping you decide: Who really needs to be there? How can I get them to see that they need to be there? What's the best way to run this meeting? What needs to be on the agenda and is this obvious to everyone? What information should I share beforehand?

    • How to take your meeting from good to great: How can I get off to a positive start? How can I stimulate a useful discussion? How can I make sure we consider the wider ramifications of our decisions? When is it best to reschedule a meeting?

  2. Pull-out sections to help you:

    • Check that the meeting you're planning now is actually necessary.

    • Plan the logistics of your meeting by deciding in advance who needs to be there, what needs to be shared beforehand etc. and how to present this to the people concerned in a way they will understand.

    • Plan how to run your meeting in a way that it not only functions as a good, efficient use of time but as something that generates new ideas and connections - to turn it from good to great.

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