'At My Best' Strengths Cards for Wellbeing Development, Coaching and Consultancy

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"Love them! Have used them in group sessions and one on one coaching and they are great! Everyone loves them" One of our satisfied customers

“Tactile, cleverly thought-out and visually inspiring: If you’re looking to explore character strengths with a group, these cards are just the best!” Alex Nunn, Action for Happiness

“I love using these cards… they’re beautiful and open up discussion better than any other strengths tool I’ve come across” Caroline Laycock, Coach & Facilitator

Be ready to help people with their strengths

A beautiful small and light-weight pack of strengths that will fit easily into your pocket or bag

This beautifully designed handy-sized pack of forty-eight one-word picture strengths cards is simple to use for strengths or narrative work, and is perfect for coaches, consultations, therapists, counsellors and educators. With only one strength word on each card, these cards are particularly suitable for non-professional use in strengths identification and exploration and are ideal for provoking thought and opening up conversation around what people do best. A great workshop resource whether you're working with individuals or with groups, finding out when people are at their best.

Designed as a simple, attractive and flexible tool, each card features a single word to stimulate awareness of strengths as well as a high quality photograph on the other side. Using either the words, pictures or a combination of both, the range of ways you can use these strengths cards will only be limited by your imagination.

Created By Martin Galpin and Michele Deeks

These cards were created by Martin Galpin and Michele Deeks

Suggested Uses for At My Best Strengths Cards

  • Helping people describe when they are 'at their best'
  • Working with the public
  • Working with young people
  • Identifying strengths
  • Identifying the strengths of others
  • Encouraging story-telling
  • Use with non-professional groups in organizations
  • Easy opening up of strengths conversations
  • Developing strengths vocabularies

Recommended Strengths Practitioner Training

If you work a lot with strengths, and would like to boost your credentials and demonstrate your expertise, then we highly recommend the great value online Strengths Practitioner Certificate Training run by our affiliated colleagues the School of Positive Transformation.

This video based course is delivered by Professor Ilona Boniwell, an expert in the area and an inspiring teacher. It is a specifically focused course of 50 hours tuition. Priced at around $290 (currently approx. £236) it represents excellent value. Free assessment tools are included and there is a weekly Q and A session.

Product Information for At My Best Strengths Cards

 Each 8.5x11x3 cm At My Best Strengths Cards pack weighs 0.18 kg and contains

  • A sturdy and attractive cardboard case
  • Forty-eight carefully selected images to stimulate strengths identification
  • Forty-eight positive strengths words

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