Langley Resilience Cards for Boosting Wellbeing and Confidence

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Something for everyone with forty different ways to increase resilience

Be inspired by beautiful carefully selected images and follow the simple step-by-step guides to boosting your resilience

These cards have been designed to bring to life a variety of strategies to help  manage emotions and build resilience, meaning there is something to suit everyone. Positive and effective, they have a significant impact on overall wellbeing. Covering four different strategies, brain, body, relationship and environment these cards can be used by an individual day-to-day to build effective resilience habits or as an intervention tool for dealing with an individual who needs help immediately.

Creating a Resilience Plan in Testing Times

Created By Sue Langley

These cards have been designed by Sue Langley to bring to life a smorgasbord of strategies to help you manage your emotions and build resilience.

Suggested Uses for Resilience Cards

  • Build effective resilience habits
  • Coaching
  • Introduce Resilience interventions to a group
  • Creating resilience action plans
  • To increase awareness of four approaches to boosting resilience - brain, body, relationship and environmental

Resilience Practitioner Training Opportunity

If resilience is a specialist area of practice of yours, you might be interested in the Resilience Practitioner Certificate Training available through our respected affiliate organisation The School of Positive Transformation.

This course is taught by recognised expert Professor Michael Unger, author of 18 books and over three hundred papers and a specialist in the field. It offers 50 hours of study and is usually priced at around $290 (currently approx. £236).

Product Information for Resilience Cards

Your 11.5x15.5x3 cm pack of Resilience Cards weighs 0.32 kg and contains
  • Forty Cards of Resilience Boosting Activities
  • Four different resilience strategies-body, brain, relationship, environment of 10 activities each
  • An introductory card to the pack
  • A guide card with eight suggested uses for the cards
  • A sturdy box with useful finger hold

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