Positive Psychology and Change by Sarah Lewis

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A new view on organisational change

Highlight Contents of Positive Psychology and Change

  • A recognition of the persistence of Tayloristic thinking (and practice) about organizations, change and leadership
  • An account of the features of the new leadership needed for a VUCA world
  • The planned change experience in organizations, and how to help people remain engaged and pro-active
  • A different approach to change at the organisational level
  • A different approach to change at the team and individual level
  • How-to chapters on Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, Open Space, and Simureal, all covering process, purpose, recommended use, key ideas, critical success factors, key skills and the origin of the methodology
  • Cartoons
  • Short stories or case studies to illuminate points

Positive Psychology and Change is Recommended

This book is highly recommended to those who

  • Interested in working with large groups using large group methodologies
  • Understanding the theory underpinning positive organisational practice
  • Understanding the demands of a changing world on leadership practice
  • Like a well-referenced work

Grounded in psychological research, this book explores how the insights, methodologies and techniques of positive psychology and the related business development method Appreciative Inquiry (AI) can be applied to the challenge of providing effective leadership in conditions of uncertainty. 

Reviews of Positive Psychology and Change

This book is a doorway into generative, strengths-inspired and solutions-focused change. It gives leaders the gift of new eyes and teaches how humility might just be a leader s greatest strength. It brings the joy of high quality connections back into the field of organization development. And it reminds us that we can create conditions - the evidence base is there - to confirm our deepest conviction: that human beings are good. Read this wonderful book carefully. — David Cooperrider, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

We need to develop work organizations in which people thrive and find positive meaning in life rather than being impoverished and exhausted by organizational change. This book offers a profoundly important guide to how we can create such organizations, providing the theoretical rationale, evidence and practical steps necessary to achieve transformational change. Every manager and leader of every organization should not only read it but immediately put it into practice. — Michael West, Lancaster University Management School

Sarah Lewis is one of those rare management writers able to combine academic research with practical relevance. In Positive Psychology and Change she offers a fresh, evidence-based rethinking of how large group organizational change methods work and many practical suggestions for how to use them successfully. — Gervase R. Bushe, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University


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