The Resilience Handbook

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This book is highly recommended as a knowledgeable, readable and most importantly, practical guide to boosting your resilience.

Sukhvinder's personal passion in this area shines through as his warmth and empathy leap off the page.

Writing in a wonderfully friendly and engaging style, Sukhvinder takes readers by the hand to lead them on a hand-picked path through the fields of research and knowledge.

With examples, self-directed exercises and self-reflective question it is perfect for self-development.

Suhkvinder brings his extensive knowledge of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and mindfulness together to throw light on the challenge of increasing our resilience and the quality of our relationships.

Highlight Contents of Practical Appreciative Inquiry

Some of the highlights of the contents are:

  • A through introduction to each of the three foundation areas and their relevance to resilience and relationships
  • Sections on interesting 'danger' areas such as toxic positivity and relentless positivity, body language myths and dealing with difficult emotions
  • Packed with easy-to-understand examples to illuminate the concepts and ideas introduced
  • Good quality research presented with references in an easy-read fashion
  • Questions at the end of each chapter to encourage self-reflection and learning
  • Scientific concepts beautifully explained
  • Lovely plain English, friendly, personal writing style
  • Introduction of the idea of the 'third' space in life after work and family as a source of resilience boosting activities.
  • Practical resilience-boosting suggestions for action and exercises

Practical Appreciative Inquiry is Recommended

This book is highly recommended to those who:

  • Want a highly informative yet easy-to-read book about resilience and relationships
  • Are interesting in learning how to boost their own resilience through practical exercises
  • Want to understand the theory and research behind resilience boosting advice
  • Like to work with books in a self - reflective way
  • What a read that, while encouraging, is alive to the excesses, myths and critiques of the field
  • Want to be taken by the hand on a journey of discovery by a knowledgeable guide who clearly has their wellbeing at heart.


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