Positive Organizational Development Cards A Guide to Flourishing Organizations

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Learn the secrets to flourishing organisations

Twenty key organisational positive psychology concepts in one handy-box

These colourful, action-oriented cards introduce the key ideas known to promote flourishing workplaces, such as strengths, positive emotions, and engagement, positive energy networks, the abundance bridge and psychological capital, all of which will boost your organisation’s ability to become a flourishing workplace.

Using Positive Organisational Development Cards to Create Flourishing Organisations

Free user guide to positive organisational development cards

Created By Sarah Lewis (Appreciating Change)

Created by associate fellow and chartered member of the British Psychology Society, positive psychology specialist Sarah Lewis. Sarah runs the Appreciating Change consultancy, the maker of this product, and is the owner of the positive psychology shop.

'Following publication of my book Positive Psychology at Work, I developed this card pack as way of turning ideas in the book into positive action. Each card provides questions to stimulate discussion and ideas to help leaders, managers and consultants create flourishing organisations. Positive psychology research about the characteristics of thriving and flourishing organizations underpins every idea in the pack.


Suggested Uses for the Positive Organisational Development Cards

Stimulate Discussion. Use the discussion questions on the back of every card to get the team talking about how to create a culture where people can flourish. Stimulate thinking about what can be done now, tomorrow and down the line.

Draw up a Flourishing Organization action plan. Sixty action suggestions act as a springboard to creating a development plan for your team or organization. 

Introduce Positive Psychology Ideas to your organization. These concepts new to you or your organization? Each idea, be it positive deviance, mindfulness, positive energy networks or collective intelligence, is given a paragraph of explanation and a brief, memorable strapline that encapsulates the concept in a succinct, pithy phrase.

Other uses. Our Positive Organisational Development Cards are perfect for

  • Creating Flourishing Organisations
  • Delivering Positive Performance Appraisals
  • Enhanced Career Counselling
  • Developing a Flourishing Work Culture
  • Increasing Motivation and Morale
  • Turning Human Resource Strategy into Action

Product Information for the Positive Organisational Development Cards

Your 12x16.5x1.75cm pack of Positive Organisational Development Cards weighs just 0.17kg and contains

  • Twenty Flourishing Workplace Cards, with an outline explanation, an easily remembered strapline, three questions to stimulate discussion and three carefully selected pointers for action. In all sixty discussion questions and sixty action ideas.
  • A Guide to Using the Cards, including five general ideas and seven specific suggestions.
  • A Description of each the Flourishing Workplace Ideas covered by the cards, explaining the idea in more detail and highlighting its benefit to the organization.
  • A Guide to Further Reading

In other words, everything you need to start you or your team or organization’s journey towards flourishing.

For examples and ideas for how these cards can be used and the value they bring to workshops, coaching sessions and more have a look at their user guide

Positive Organisational Development Cards on Deckhive

Our Positive Organisational Development Cards are also available on Deckhive, the online card sharing platform, so you can use them with groups even when you are meeting remotely. See how on the video below and find our cards on Deckhive



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