My Feelings Box for Young People's Emotional Development and Intelligence

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A way to help young people understand and manage their emotions

Everything you need in one beautifully decorated large tin of emotions and feelings  to work in a creative and fun way with young people

The My Feelings Box for Young People is a portable emotional temperature gauge,  full of magnetised words, colour-coded, that describe different emotional states, with a creative fold out guide. This playful approach is great for young people to learn emotional intelligence skills that they can integrate into everyday life. It's perfect for helping young people and children understand their emotions better so they can unlock their emotional superpowers of understanding and managing their emotions and other peoples. Perfect for teachers, therapists, counsellors and career development specialists working with children and young people.

Created By Manuela Bolton

The My Feeling Box for Young People was created by Manuela Bolton

Suggested Uses for My Feelings Box for Young People

  • Help young people name how they are feeling
  • Extend their emotional vocabulary
  • Name and tame scary feelings
  • Explore how they want to feel
  • Learn to understand scales of intensity of feeling
  • Help them understand other people’s emotions
  • Improve their emotional intelligence
  • Help them share their thoughts about their feelings
  • Help them learn to externalise their feelings
  • Build their emotional vocabulary
  • Become more emotionally aware

We believe this kit will be a great asset for parents, teachers, therapists, counsellors and others working with children or young people who need help expressing or managing their feelings and can be used in homes, schools and counselling services worldwide.

Product Information for My Feelings Box for Young People

Your 22.5x17x2.5cm My Feeling Box for Young People weighs 0.21 kg and contains

  • A 17x13x2 decorated tin to hold the magnets
  • Forty-Eight, colour-coded magnetised emotion tags, covering positive and negative emotions and varying in intensity
  • Four statement magnets: I would feel, I am feeling, I want to feel, they might feel
  • A temperature gauge magnet
  • Two additional playful magnets: My feelings box, and Emotion Superpower
  • A user’s guide with beautifully drawn instructions in a playful fold out envelope

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