Mindfulness Cards Sixty-Four Ways To Boost Health and Wellbeing

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Increase your wellbeing with sixty-four detailed ways to practice mindfulness

Full instructions for each activity, information on how it works and how long it takes to do

These beautiful hand drawn cards introduce 64 mindfulness practices to improve physical and mental health, performance and wellbeing and relationships. Designed by an expert in the field, each card includes full exercise details, background information and tips for practice. Informed by multiple approaches to mindfulness practice and the science of positive psychology, these 64 Mindfulness Cards use specially drawn aquarelle images and concise instructions to initiate or enrich your mindfulness practice.

Free user guide to mindfulness cards

Created by Professor Ilona Boniwell

Designed by Professor Ilona Boniwell, a leader in the field of positive psychology, they are full supported by research and ideal for personal or professional use.

'Why not take some time to see the world from a different angle and be truly present in every moment of your life? Would you like to take each of your experiences as it comes, with open mindedness, curiosity and self-compassion? Are you ready to allow yourself to feel happiness, well-being and tranquillity from within?' Pr Ilona Boniwell

Suggested Uses for Mindfulness Cards

Beginners: These cards offer an introduction to mindfulness, and support to get started with mindfulness practice. Each card gives you a detailed description of the exercise in question and how to practice it, as well as advice and tips on how to do so with greater ease and success.

Experienced practitioners: This pack contains introductory practices and more advanced, novel and unique exercises specifically for an experienced audience. Little gems to help you diversify and enhance your practice!

Professionals (people in support and care work – teachers, coaches, trainers, etc.): This is a complete, fun and creative toolkit to support facilitation and interventions with your audience and clients.

For people experienced in mindfulness: To diversify and give additional depth to your practices. This pack offers very precisely targeted interventions to help you create tailor made programmes of wellbeing improvement

Recommended Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training

If you specialise in mindfulness training, then this course offered by our affiliated colleagues at the School of Positive Transformation  might be just the ticket. 

The course is taught by the School’s founder, Dr. Itai Ivtzan himself, and covers an array of meditation techniques including Loving-Kindness and Gratitude mediation techniques. Highly regarded, it is accredited by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance as well as incorporating CPD accreditation.

This extensive online course offers 100 hours of study and includes meditation scripts and music tracks, handouts and worksheets,  and downloadable audio meditations as well as exercises and activities and practical sessions. This world-beating training usually costs around $490 (current £398), although it is sometimes discounted. Consolidate your skills and earn the badge you deserve for your enhanced expertise

Product Information for Mindfulness Cards

Your 15.5x10.5x2.5 cellophane-wrapped pack weighs 0.375Kg and contains

  • An introductory double sized 4 page leaflet of background information, pack information and examples of how to use them
  • 4 categories of mindfulness practice: focussed attention, positive mindfulness, equanimity, and open awareness, each with multiple practice cards.
  • 64 mindfulness practice cards 
  • An easy open cardboard holding box

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