Happy Ball Perfect Ice-Breaker and Positive Conversations for Groups or Workshops

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The perfect tool for a positive, mood boosting, value-revealing, fun start to any group activity

Engaging, active, fun, positive conversation starter

The Happy Ball is a light-weight, inflatable ball with 30 positive-focussed printed questions, designed to stimulate self-knowledge and the sharing of positive experiences and emotions. The positive oriented questions are carefully selected to promote group and individual flourishing. Drawing on appreciative inquiry, strengths psychology, the psychology of positive emotions, hope theory and the psychology of positive relationships, the purposefully composed questions are targeted and impactful. While the playful element helps created a great environment for relaxation and relationship building.

The Happy Ball easily adapts to different objectives, and can function as warm up game in group activities. The practical exploration of the Happy Ball games will depend on the target audiences and the objectives that are intended to be achieved.

Created By Paulo Luis

This wonderful fun blow up plastic ball was created by Paulo Luis from Portugal

Suggested Uses for the Happy Ball

  • As an ice-breaker, warm-up or fire starter activity
  • To build relationships through positive conversation
  •  Increase self-knowledge
  • To share positive experiences
  • Group dynamics in training, teaching, therapy, organisations and other professional contexts
  • Social contexts such as social support groups, community activities
  • Creating connections between people
  • Strengthening relationships, (for example in couple counselling, can I answer as I believe you would?)

See the user guide here for more ideas

Product Information for the Happy Ball

The 20.5x14.5x2 Happy Ball Kit weighs 0.75kg and  consists of

  • An inflatable ball of 30 cm of diameter
  • 30 clearly visible, illustrated distinct positive questions
  • A guide that explains the science behind the ball and gives clear guidance on using the ball plus 6 extra exercises
  • A transparent carrying pouch

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Customer Reviews

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Krista Crawford
Happy ball needs some bounce in the editing department

The instruction sheet needs to be edited for translation-related grammar errors.
Plus, it has a really strong odor.