Co-Creating Planning Teams For Dialogic OD by Sarah Lewis

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Explains how to lay the essential groundwork for successful large group Dialogic Organisational Development.

Highlight Contents of Co-Creating Planning Teams for Dialogic OD

  • How to spot a challenge appropriate to a dialogic intervention
  • How to create a commission sympathetic to a dialogic way of working
  • Guidance on creating an internal team to work with as you design the intervention
  • Key things to think about when preparing to run a dialogic event
  • Clarity on counter-indications to a dialogic intervention
  • Working with sponsors and leaders
  • An extended case study illuminating all points
  • Detailed descriptions of the many issues and group dynamics you are likely to face and appropriate responses to each of them.

Co-Creating Planning Teams for Dialogic OD is Recommended

this book is highly recommended for those

  • Looking for help and support with the challenge of introducing the idea dialogic OD to organizations unfamiliar with this way of working
  • New to Dialogic OD, looking for clarity and explanation of key thinking, theory and concepts
  • Help taking people on the journey of change from diagnostic to dialogic thinking
  • Interested in following and learning from a case of an experienced Dialogic OD practitioner beginning a new assignment for a leader who says he wants to create an empowering, engaging approach to dealing with people issues but doesn’t really understand what it takes.
  • Interested in an illustrative account of working with an internal change-agent partner who has trouble letting go of mechanistic, bureaucratic processes, and a design team who initially assume their job is to provide solutions for managers to implement. 

Reviews for Co-Creating Planning Teams for Dialogic OD

In this book Sarah Lewis answers all the questions most organisations forget to ask when implementing change. Who should be involved? How should we engage them? And, what is the process by which an organisation can design its own future? Anyone who is weary of having to justify ineffective change strategies will find this book refreshing and practical. It offers a step-by-step guide to implementing truly effective, authentic and sustainable organisational change - Dr Roger Bretherton, Associate Professor, School of Psychology, University of Lincoln

With clear explanations and an illuminating case study, this book takes us by the hand on the hardest part of a journey of transformation: the vital first steps towards doing something different. In a reader-friendly way she shows us missteps to avoid as well as pointing out key moments to watch out for, while giving stage-by-stage guidance on how to create a dialogic change planning team. If you know you know you need a different approach to change, but don't know how to get started, this is the book for you. - David Lewis, programme director and guest lecturer at the London Business School; author of 'What philosophy can teach you about being a better leader'.

Had a read and... love it. Seriously, I am not prone to language like that unless I mean it. I work with many internals, and this is a practical, pragmatic and useful book. It does that rare thing of weaving a number of interconnected and related ideas e.g. wicked problems, the nature of change (and mess) in human systems, power and politics, working with anxiety, Dialogic OD etc, and succeeds in weaving a narrative that is grounded and, crucially, accessible. There is no colluding with 'the magic of OD', rather this is a book that helps consultants and practitioners by both explaining and offering suggestions, steps and approaches they can experiment with, whilst building a compelling case for why many of these are not to be skipped over. It takes some of the gnarliest challenges and offers suggestions that are eminently practical that you can play with, and in a way that does not discount the difficulties involved. - Steve Hearsum, Co-chair ODN Europe.

As always, Sarah Lewis is in the forefront of practice, focusing on getting it done in the real world in the best possible fashion. Her real strengths is responding to the industry needs using the most appropriate methodology and co-creating interventions. Dialogic OD takes the consulting field two steps up, enabling to address wicked and complex problems. A fascinating read! - Ilona Boniwell, Director at Positran

I just loved the book; once started I could not put it down. It’s the best description of the Dialogic OD journey. It’s rich and very insightful and gives a clear, lucid and simple understanding of Dialogic OD with case studies, practical examples and an authentic description of its application in real-time. I recommend Sarah’s book to OD practitioners, aspirants, and students of OD. Sushma Sharma, Founder and CEO, Resonate Consulting, Past President, Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Sciences

This is a masterful guide to applying Dialogic OD techniques to complex challenges that characterise organizational change projects. Using clear language and compelling examples Sarah Lewis expertly steps us through the complete Dialogic OD approach from the initial consultation with the organizational sponsor to the first event. She provides practical advice on everything from negotiating a commission, building rapport with sponsors and stakeholders and dealing with event logistics, to handling pushback and resistance, maintaining motivation and morale and recording emerging actions and decisions. Sarah clearly explains the benefits of using a change team, the tasks required to make an event successful as well as the potential pitfalls to look out for and how to avoid them. Underpinned by positive psychology research, the book is brought to life through an in-depth case study, candid anecdotes based on Sarah’s extensive organizational experience in this field, and plenty of good humour. This is essential reading for anyone wanting to apply the Dialogic OD approach with confidence in their consulting work.Bridget Grenville-Cleave, Director of Workmad, Author of A practical guide to Positive Psychology

 I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah’s book and it’s a worthy addition to BMI’s growing collection. It’s a practical guide to those awkward early stages of engagement, especially to the practitioner who finds that the line between proposing a generative process and actually starting it can be very blurry! When and how to engage, traps to avoid, and how to recognise when your best option may be to withdraw. The centerpiece: an authentic and helpfully detailed case study, warts and difficult moments included. Highly recommended. Mike Burrows, Authour, Agendashift: Outcome Oriented Change and Continuous Transformation, and Right to Left: The Digital Leader's Guide to Lean and Agile

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