Practical Appreciative Inquiry for Coaching Teams

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This book is a great practical introduction to Appreciative Inquiry.

Written in beautifully plain English, it is highly readable and easy to understand while being full of information and ideas.

Andy writes from extensive personal experience and the result is an engaging book that is personal, honest and open, demonstrating great generosity.

A real strength of this book is its practicality. It bursts with examples that help ideas, concepts and principles become clear.

It is full of practical activities and exercises that can be used to enhance practice both for those new to appreciative inquiry and more experienced practitioners

Questions and exercises are freely shared for use in interventions.

Common practice challenges met in practice are recounted with effective ways forward explained.


Highlight Contents of Practical Appreciative Inquiry

Some of the highlights of the contents are

  • An excellent account of the origins of appreciative inquiry
  • Exciting connection with neuroscience, explaining the analytic and empathetic brain systems
  • Excellent clear and informative accounts of the basic model and eight practice principles
  • Excellent guidance on discovery interviews and appreciative inquiry interviewing
  • Lots of practical ideas about how to ‘do’ each stage of the 5D cycle
  • Interesting nuggets of information and insight
  • Ideas for ‘appreciative living’, taking appreciative inquiry beyond the workplace


Practical Appreciative Inquiry is Recommended

This book is highly recommended to those who

  • Want an initial, easy-to-understand yet thorough introduction to appreciative inquiry
  • Are interested in practical guidance for ‘doing’ appreciative inquiry rather than delving into the research base
  • Are specifically interested in using appreciative inquiry with small groups or teams
  • Are experienced practitioners looking for a ‘refresher’, some new nuggets of practice or theory, or easy ways to explain concepts to groups.


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