Coaching Cubes For Wellbeing, Happiness and Problem-Solving

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'I love to use them for icebreaker sessions in team workshops or to guide individual coaching sessions. The questions go deep directly and everyone I used them with felt quite moved after telling their stories.' verified purchase

Bring something different to your coaching sessions

A complete coaching cycle in a box

These six gorgeous colour-coded squidgy dice feature positive coaching questions and provide the basis for a complete coaching cycle. Tactile and fun to handle, they bring a new dimension to team and personal coaching, taking dialogue and development to a new level.

Neuroscience research shows the calming, grounding effect of touch. People love grasping, squeezing, bouncing rolling and generally handling these palm-filling dice.

Webinar about Using Coaching Cubes and Story Cards to Stimulate Story Telling and Sense Making

Free user guide for coaching cubes

Exercise Guide to Making the Most of the Tactile Nature of the Cubes for Impact and Engagement

Unique Features, Benefits and Content of the Coaching Cubes

  • They are rubber dice with rounded edges, meaning they can roll, bounce and balance creating new and unique ways to bring the coaching questions to the table
  • The dice reflect the PRISMM coaching model, meaning they reflect a well-thought through and supported model, so as a beginner you can use them with confidence
  • The PRISMM coaching model is based on the science of Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology and Systemic Consulting, making the coaching cubes a useful enhancement tool if you are already experience in these coaching practices
  • Squidgy, squeezable, highly tactile, these dice give people something to do with their hands or something to hold on to which, through the sensation of touch, can produce a calming, grounding and thinking-enhancing effect leading to deeper engagement
  • The dice feature carefully chosen generic (content-free) questions that can be useful to any coaching conversation as people bring their content to the question
  • The dice create a physical distance between questioner and question, allowing you to position yourself alongside your client as you both regard the question 'the cube' is asking, so facilitating qualitatively different conversation
  • Colour coded to help understanding of the nature of each set of questions

  • Information leaflet that clearly explains the PRISMM model so you have a clear process to follow

  • Seven introductory ideas for how to use the coaching cubes to get you started

  • A sturdy box to contain the cubes and the leaflet making it easily transportable

  • Highly durable product, can use again and again

  • Having the coaching questions on the cubes allows you to focus on really listening and not worrying about what to ask next

  • Great for training as provides the questions so you can focus on helping trainees develop rapport, contracting, noticing body language and the many other skills of coaching

  • This tangible dice of questions allows the coachee to take ownership, by rolling the dice or by examining and choosing their own question with which to engage, allowing you to work in different ways with different clients depending on their experience and need

Created by Sarah Lewis

This unique coaching tool was designed by our founder, chartered psychologist and experienced organisational coach Sarah Lewis.

Based on appreciative inquiry, positive psychology and systemic consulting, these dice deliver the integrated PRISMM Coaching model, explained in the box, from feeling good right round to first steps for change.

The distinct, colorful dice make it easy to follow the coaching model through from beginning to end with clear, crafted questions for each stage of the process. Beyond this, they can be used more creatively, all at once or in random order. Adapt your style to the needs and mood of the session.

Suggested Uses for the Coaching Cubes

Allow the Dice to Choose the Question. Bring a difference to your coaching practice with these squashable, bouncing tactile rolling dice. Allow the dice to choose the question and open up new avenues of thought and action.

Put the power right back in the hands of your client as they physically handle and roll the dice. Watch them select a dice to roll or a question to answer. Change the dynamic in the session by putting the question ‘out there’ to engage with together.

Release your mental energy. With the carefully crafted questions on the dice just waiting to stimulate reflections and prompt storytelling, you can concentrate on deep listening, building rapport and supporting your client on their journey of discovery.

Other possibilities. These Coaching Cubes are squidgy, robust, and bright, bringing a fun, tactile, and colourful edge to the coaching process. They are perfect for

  • Making Coaching Fun and Engaging
  • Promoting Active Involvement and Ownership of the Coaching Process
  • Helping Clients Relax into Coaching                                                                            
  • Bringing a New Energy to Coaching
  • Co-creating a Coaching Session with your Client
  • Finding New Ways Forward in Stuck Coaching Sessions
  • Training Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Running a Positive Psychology Coaching Session
  • Coaching to the PRISMM Coaching Model
  • Self-Coaching

Product Information for the Coaching Cubes Pack

Your 11x15.5x5 cm pack weighs 0.22 Kg and contains

  • One Green cube of six questions that explores the positive aspects of someone’s work and life, positively affecting perspective and mood.
  • One Blue cube of six questions thatidentifies people important to the situation, stimulating context-aware thinking.
  • One Orange cube of six questions that creates shifts in perspective to throw new light on the topic, revealing new insights and possibilities for action.
  • One Yellow cube of six questions thatilluminates ideas, values and energy, the powerhouse for energised possibilities.
  • One Purple cube of six questions that creates movement, facilitating energised action.
  • One Red cube of six questions thatclarifies first steps, the beginning of feasible, effective, motivated and energised change.

Each cube is a comfortable hand size of 4.5x4.5x4.5cm with gentle rounded edges

  • A guide to the PRISMM Coaching Model offering seven initial idea for using your coaching cubes.
  • A robust box to keep your coaching cubes together and for easy transporting

Coaching Cubes on Deckhive

Our Coaching Cubes are also available on Deckhive, the online card sharing platform, so you can use them with groups even when you are meeting remotely. Here the model is presented as six collections of cards, with the same questions as the cubes. See how on the video below and find our cards on Deckhive


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sharman Hague
Delightful touch of playfulness with hidden depth

These cubes work brilliantly online as well as in person, particularly if you are as bad at juggling as I am. They are especially valuable in situations where it's useful to introduce a touch of playfulness without appearing unprofessional. The spectacle of my attempts to juggle never fails to get a laugh and clients enjoy choosing which side of which cube from the ensuing debris.
The hidden depth lies in the knowledge and structure behind the choice of questions, all of which are very powerful; even more so when engaged with in the manner that follows this method of selection. Highly recommended!

Sarah Neumann
Great tool for your team or individual coaching

Need a playful helper for your coaching session or group discussion? The coaching cubes may be the right tool for you! I love to use them for icebreaker sessions in teamworkshops or to guide individual coaching sessions. The questions go deep directly and everyone I used them with felt quite moved after telling their stories. Thank you for this beautiful product

Jem Smith

Since making the wise decision :) to include Appreciating Change�s Coaching Cubes in one of my corporate coaching sessions in early December, I have become a genuine believer in �Cube Power�.
What a superbly �simple� way to power-charge coaching sessions and motivate clients.
Have participants roll their individual Coaching Cubes and watch the magic happen as thought-provoking questions move your people to share insights on irksome topics. Enthusiasm for the Coaching Cubes increases exponentially as inhibitions lessen. Valuable discussions invariably pull loose �what if� threads together, thus promoting clear, precise, long-lasting �client authored� results.
Thank you Sarah!

Deborah Barleggs

I'm really looking forward to using these with my next coaching client. A playful approach with a serious purpose, to elicit good self conversation and insight.