Values Cards for Discovering, Exploring and Identifying Values with Individuals and Teams

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A handy tool for working with clients on their values

150 values colour coded into six areas, with coaching questions. Great for coaches, consultants and others.

These values card are a fabulous tool for discovering, naming and focusing on values. They can also be used to investigate what drives behaviour. They are easy to use, inspiring and aesthetically pleasing. Ready to be used out of the box to define individual, team and organisational values.

Bring workplace values alive

Unique features, benefits and content of the Langley Values Cards

  • 150 different values allowing you to explore a huge range of possible values with clients
  • Six categories of values: relationships, personal, VIA strengths, professional, emotional and motivation, allowing you to focus in on particular value areas
  • VIA values set allowing you to coordinate these cards with the VIA strengths cards or the VIA inventory
  • A fold out guide explaining the Values Discovery Exercise in great detail so you can get started straight away
  • A fantastic set of question included in the guide to allow you to take your exploration of values in many different directions
  • Four additional exercises explained step-by-step to extend your practice with these cards
  • Words clearly printed in large print of coloured backgrounds, great for group work
  • One question on the reverse of every values card, to allow you to explore what this value means to your client in greater depth
  • The cards are perfectly sized for spreading out a large number on a table top to enable value selection
  • Bright, clearly distinguishable colours for easy sorting
  • Sturdy box for easy storage and transportation

Created by Sue Langley

These Values Cards have been created by Sue Langley

Suggested Uses for the Values Cards

  • To help individuals, teams, groups and organisations discover their values
  • To help individuals, teams, groups and organisations explore their values
  • Using the VIA strengths subset, help people and groups identify and explore their strengths
  • Discover the values that drive behaviour
  • Explore values in six important areas: relationships, personal, professional, emotional, motivational, and strengths.

Product Information for the Values Cards

Your 14.5x11.5x4.5 cm Values Cards box weighs 0.42Kg and contain 150 value word cards, each with a coaching question on the reverse

  • Colour coded into six areas of values: relationships, personal, professional, emotional, motivational, and strengths
  • A colourful and informative fold out guide giving detailed instructions on how to use the values cards 

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