Positive Action Cards Scientifically Proven to Boost Wellbeing

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"The Positive Actions Cards capture the excellence of evidence-based positive psychology interventions. A remarkable tool set that raises the bar for positive psychology coaching practice." Dr Aneta D Tunariu, Head of Subject for Psychological Intervention. University of East London

Sixty-four ways to boost your wellbeing in one compact card pack

Everything you need on how to do the practice, what to attend to and the wellbeing impact for each practice.

These attractive and informative cards provide detailed suggestions of how to build new positive habits into your life. All the Positive Actions included are designed to help you feel better so you can live your best life. All the exercises have been scientifically verified for impact and effectiveness.

An essential resource for any positive psychology practitioner, the cards are perfect for personal or professional use such as coaching or training, one-to-one or group work.

Free user guide to positive action cards

Creative Workshop Exercise Guide: Boosting Wellbeing

Created By Professor Ilona Boniwell

This set of cards was designed by Professor Ilona Boniwell who sorted through the available evidence to produce this carefully curated set of 64 of the very best practices organised into seven categories around the ACTIONS acronym (active, calming, thinking, identity, optimising, nourishing and social interventions).


Suggested Uses for the Positive Action Cards

Personal Use: Select amongst the coded activities  to find those that will help you become more active or calmer, that will help you modify your thinking or identify social actions you want to take. Or perhaps you are interested in working on your identity, nourishing yourself, or optimising your life!

Coaches: Work with your clients to identify positive actions they can take to achieve their goals of wellbeing and happiness.

Consultants: These cards can equally well be used in group or team settings, for example the obituary exercise that helps people think about how they want to be remembered, can be modified for use with a team that are being disbanded. How do they want to be remembered? In that case, what do they need to be focussing on as they wind down? Similarly, strengths identification is a productivity boosting exercise for teams.

Other Uses. In addtion, these cards are perfect for 

  • Mood boosting
  • Action planning
  • Team Development
  • Personal Development
  • Wellbeing
  • Coaching
  • Creating a Positive Self-Identity


Product Information for Positive Action Cards

 Your 15.5x10.5x2.5 cm cellophane-wrapped pack weighs 0.375 kg and contains:

  • Sixty-four beautifully illustrated Positive Action Cards that give instruction on how to do the practice, what to attend to, and that outlines its wellbeing impacts.
  • Seven category sets of Positive Action: Active, Calming, Thinking, Identity, Optimisation, Nourishing, and Social Action, each with multiple practices.
  • A four page double-sided leaflet outlining the scientific background, explaining the cards and giving three introductory ways to use the cards in practice. Also including a brief glossary of terms.
  • A distinctive holding carton.

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Neil Hammond

I love these cards!