Expertise Cards for Increasing Awareness of Areas of Excellence at Work

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Help people identify and understand their areas of expertise at work

Twenty illustrated expertise cards for developing workplace performance and flourishing

This beautifully produced pack of cards contains twenty areas of workplace expertise identified through real-life organisational research. Expertise in areas such as Business Development or Being Technologically Savvy are illuminated and explained in the plain English. Each card describes an area of expertise and how someone with that specific skill set is likely to contribute at work. Perfect for workplace coaches and consultants to boost performance and productivity in individuals and teams.

Created By Dr Amanda Potter

These cards were created by Dr Amanda Potter

Suggested Uses for the Expertise Cards

  • Self identification of areas of expertise
  • Team Development
  • Performance and other developmental conversations
  • Project team building
  • Job description creation

Product Information for the Expertise Cards

Your 16x11.5x1.5 cm BeTalent Expertise Card Pack weigh 0.15 kg and contains

  • 20 labelled expertise cards illustrated with a well-chosen picture
  • On the reverse clear definitions of the expertise and some examples of how that expertise translates into day-to-day working life. 
  • An introductory card
  • A opaque plastic securely fastening box

Part of a system of 4 card sets developed by BeTalent - the BEST system -

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