Emotional Intensity Cards For Developing Emotional Intelligence and Control

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Help clients boost their emotional range

Graded expressions of six key emotional states for nuanced emotion work

These Intensity Cards are designed to explore the complexity of emotions, help develop more accurate vocabulary as well as increase understanding about different intensity and energy levels in emotions. They come complete with coaching questions and recognised universal emotional triggers. They are an excellent tool to help coaches, consultants, facilitators, counsellors and therapists work with people to improve their emotional intelligence and control. These cards are a fantastic tool to help people understand the progression of emotions and to better manage emotions as they arise.

Exercise for increasing emotional intensity

Created by Sue Langley

This card set is produced by Sue Langley 

Suggested Uses for the Emotion Intensity Cards

  • Help people explore the intensity of their emotions
  • Help people develop a more accurate emotional vocabluary
  • Explore energy levels associated with emotional states
  • Help people label how they feel in a particular moment

Product Information for the Intensity Cards

Your 15.5x11.5x3 cm pack weighs 0.35 Kg and contains

  • The Intensity cards are made up of six colour-coded sets of eight words.
  •  A set of each of the primary emotions; Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Contempt.
  • The eight words in each set are different levels of intensity of that emotions. 
  • The reverse of each card has a question or a likely 'emotional trigger'.
  • An additional card clearly showing the category and intensity placing of each cards
  • Two additional cards outlining ways to use the cards
  • A sturdy cardboard box


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