WorkUP (WUP) Game for Problem-Solving and Strategy Development for Leaders, Coaches and Consultants

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Equip yourself with over 180 evidence-based positive psychology intervention solutions to common organisational problems

Each solution card gives a full description of a proven intervention, examples of organisations where its been applied and supporting research.

This strategy and problem-solving game is a fun way to introduce groups to a varied range of positive psychology interventions that individuals, teams and organisations can easily put into everyday use. Based on extensive research it suggests multiple ways of enhancing organisational life. A fantastic resource for trainers, consultants, facilitators, executive coaches and more.

Free user guide to Workup Game


Created By Professor Ilona Boniwell

This fantastic product was developed by Profession Ilona Boniwell from new and established theories of optimal workplace functioning and is grounded in research findings and real case studies. She says,

'Use the WorkUP as a problem-solving guide, a book, a set of reminders, a teaching tool, a consultancy resource or an interactive game. Managers, HR specialists, coaches, trainers, psychologists, consultants, occupational therapists and curious individuals will use it as a reference and a dip-in toolbox for years to come, inventing new and different ways of using it.'

Suggested Uses for the Workup Game

A strategy learning game. Divide into three teams with the resources packs. pick a problem card. Each team to put forward the best solution from their pack.

Leadership Coaching. Search through the extensive strategies to find ones that can help with the leaders's challenges

A research resource: the wealth of information contained in the pack is immense. useful for any positive psychology, leadership or strategy student.

Product Information for the WorkUp Game

Your 21.5x13x6 cm pack of WorkUP cards weighs 1.175kg and consists of 247 cards organised into four categories, complete with a guide pamphlet:

  • 61 Problem Cards (red) describe common difficult situations encountered at work. The red set includes a joker card.
  • 62 Role Resource Cards (green) refer to characteristics of one’s immediate job essential for meeting basic psychological needs leading to a positive job experience. These are broken into six sub-categories: autonomy, mastery, optimal variety, clarity & structure, positive relationships, and meaningful work.
    The green set includes a descriptor card and a joker card.
  • 62 Environmental Resource Cards (blue) are the larger-scale characteristics of work context contributing to a positive workplace culture. These are broken into six sub-categories: pay and benefits, climate of trust, manager support, leadership, working conditions, and organisational mission. The blue set includes a descriptor card and a joker card.
  • 62 Self/Personal Resource Cards refer to the unique strengths, positive attributes and potential of the individual employee that effect their workplace functioning and can be developed in the workplace. These are broken into six sub-categories: vitality, positive mindset, cognitive flexibility, emotional agility, time competence and personal importance or meaning.
    The yellow set includes a descriptor card and a joker card.

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    Dr Amanda Potter
    A wonderful pack of facilitation cards

    Facilitates great conversation and helps teams to deal with the unspoken challenges.