River Coaching Cards for Growth and Development through Storytelling

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Help your clients tell their story using the metaphor of a river.

These beautifully illustrated cards express the life of a river in all its forms, from source to sea, through deserts, mountains and more.  With rapids and estuaries, storms and gently flowing streams, they allow for the full expression of the experience of life through ups and downs, turbulence and calmness.

With softly rounded corners they are a joy to handle and the soft, water-colour images emphasis imagery, artistry and humanity.

The pictures include riverside habitats, floating objects, bankside wild-life, bridges and barriers and other evocative images which allow for the creation of meaningful and connected storytelling.

Free user guide for the River Cards

Created by Gali Salpeter

Gali Salpeter (M.A.), is an Expressive Therapist with specialisation in Drama and Narrative Therapy. Gali has worked with children, adolescents and adults having special needs, in various settings around the world. She has developed a range of resources, which can be accessed at her website www.storyandtherapy.com.

We have selected this set of cards for our store as being particularly adaptable to the fields of coaching and consultancy.

Suggested Uses for the River Coaching Cards

  • Explore the present. Ask your client to pick a single card to represent the feelings associated with a particular situation. Explore the metaphor to throw light on the issue.
  • Explore the past. Use the cards with your client to create a picture of a journey: life journey, leadership journey, project journey, career journey. Get them to talk about the journey using the cards as prompts to expand and explore.
  • Group Work. Get the team to select cards that are meaningful to them individually. Work together to create a river picture that has meaning for everyone.
  • Project Work. In the pack there are 5 ‘beginnings’ cards and 5 ‘endings cards.’ As the project team is forming use the cards to think about how they want the beginning of the project to be, and also, how they want the experience of it ending to be. Pick cards that highlight potential crunch or significant moments for the project. Then find cards that represent how the team want the feel of working together to be. Put them together to create the ‘story’ of how the project is going to go, and the experience of being a member.
  • Explore the future. Work with your client to find the cards that best represent their hopes for some future activity.
  • Assist emotional expression.  If someone is struggling to put their story, or how they feel, into words, offer them the cards as an alternative way for them to show you their feelings. Then you can help them articulate how they feel.

Product Information for the River Coaching Cards

Your 16.5 x23.5 x 1.5 cm box weighs xxxx and contains

  • Sixty beautiful unique water colour images of a river in flow, featuring many addition features such as objects, people, building, vegetation etc.
  • Five cards depicting alternative river beginnings or sources
  • Five cards depicting alternative river endings
  • Many variations on time of day, seasons, country, weather, bridges, rapids and waterfalls etc.
  • Cards with dramatic features such as fire or lava, or a river running red
  • Marked cards, for example the river seen behind bars, a cross defacing the card or clear bisection of the card in half
  • A beautifully designed, two pocket, sturdy book-like box to keep your cards safe.

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