Managing Your Own Performance 'The Positive Way' An e-book training guide

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Become a one person dynamo

Managing your own performance can be the harder than managing anyone else’s. The aim of this guide is to give you the tools to manage your responses to feedback and to engender more helpful feedback in the first place, thus giving you the information you need to improve your performance.

Achieve your Objectives with the Managing Your Own Performance E-guide

To manage your own performance you need feedback, but the right feedback, and you need to be able to pick out the helpful information from the emotional noise.

Product Information for Managing Your Own Performance E-guide

This e-book includes: 

  1. A step-by-step guide to:

    • Understanding what feedback is

    • Understanding where it can come from and so recognise when you are receiving it

    • Learning how to prompt those around you to give you Corrective and Amplifying feedback

    • Learning the blocks to utilising good feedback and how to avoid them

  2. Pull-out sections to help you:

    • Draw on past examples to realise where you have had helpful feedback in the past

    • Usefully analyse Corrective and Amplifying feedback when you receive it so that you can extract the value from it in terms of improving your own performance

    • Recognise your strengths in overdrive - a common problem that your feedback may point to

    • Measure your mindset to see if you are at risk of not being able to make good use of helpful feedback

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