BeTalent Resilience Cards for Personal Development and Self-Awareness

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Learn, and help others learn, how to be at their best

These beautifully produced scientifically researched images and ideas will help you understand yourself better and become more resilient. The pack is made up of Resilience Pairs, each containing a positive and negative emotional option about a particular aspect of someone's personality, e.g. Worried vs Carefree or Self-conscious vs Self-assured.

 We all have good and bad days. These colourful cards help people identify themselves at their most, and least, resilient. Use the descriptions to people to understand and adapt their emotional states and behaviour to boost their resilience when under stress. Perfect for coaches, team leaders and consultants, therapists and counsellors, these cards turn that intangible need to be more resilient into a clear ambition.

 Created by Dr Amanda Potter

 These cards are created by Dr Amanda Potter

 Suggested Uses for the Betalent Resilience Cards

  • Help people identify themselves on a good and a bad day
  • Use to analyse what was going on in a particular situation of more or less resilience
  • Help teams identify a team culture that will help and support resilience
  • Help leaders learn to spot the signs when someone is being over-whelmed
  • Help people learn how to move from feeling over-whelmed to feeling resilient

 Product Information for the Betalent Resilience Cards

 Your Your 16x11.5x1 cm pack weighs......Kg and contains

  • Sixteen beautifully illustrated cards representing sixteen emotional states (which are also character tendencies)
  • An introductory card with an exercise
  • A card that indicates how the resilience strengths and risks match up along a dimension of behaviour
  • Eight explanations of resilience strengths, clearly describing behaviour associated with that strength
  • Eight explanations of resilience risks, clearly describing behaviour associated with that risk
  • A transparent envelope case

Resilience Practitioner Training

If resilience is a specialist area of practice, you might be interested in the Resilience Practitioner Certificate Training available through our respected affiliate organisation The School of Positive Transformation.

This course is taught by recognised expert Professor Michael Unger, author of 18 books and over three hundred papers, and a specialist in the field. It offers 50 hours of study and is usually priced at around $290 (currently approx. £236).

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