Why Is Positive Coaching Great Coaching?

Coaching is difficult, but what is at the heart of it? 

Coaching is the art of asking the right questions so that the person you are coaching works out for themselves what they need to do. To be really effective and actually generate results asking great questions is the only way you can help a coachee - just telling them what to do won't be nearly as effective.

Also, before you even get to what they should do, good questions are essential to help you and the coachee work out what they need help with!

So why does positive psychology help with this? Positive psychology is the process of approaching problems by looking at similar situations where things have gone well rather and seeing what lessons can be applied where they have gone less well, rather than starting with the problem itself.  This helps make situaitons seem less hopeless, as well as sparking better solutions. It also involves working towards a positive future situation, rather than away from the current negative one, which is more motivating. Positive coaching just applies this approach to the coaching field and the Coaching Cubes give you the questions you need to work in this way.

So ask better questions and bring something different to your coaching sessions with the Coaching Cubes - a complete coaching cycle in a box.

Coaching Cubes For Wellbeing, Happiness and Problem-Solving

Coaching Cubes For Wellbeing, Happiness and Problem-Solving
Coaching Cubes, sold on the Positive Psychology Shop
Coaching Cubes, sold on the Positive Psychology Shop
Coaching Cubes, sold on the Positive Psychology Shop
Coaching Cubes, sold on the Positive Psychology Shop
Coaching Cubes, sold on the Positive Psychology Shop
Coaching Cubes For Wellbeing, Happiness and Problem-Solving
Coaching Cubes For Wellbeing, Happiness and Problem-Solving
Bring something different to your coaching sessions A complete coaching cycle in a box 

These six gorgeous colour-coded squidgy dice feature positive coaching questions and provide the basis for a complete coaching cycle. 

Tactile and fun to handle, they bring a new dimension to team and personal coaching, taking dialogue and development to a new level. Neuroscience research shows the calming, grounding effect of touch. People love grasping, squeezing, bouncing, rolling and generally handling these palm-filling dice. 

  • Help the coachee feel at ease

    Trying to coach someone awkaward or sensative? The dice create a physical distance between questioner and question, allowing you to position yourself alongside your client as you both regard the question 'the cube' is asking, so facilitating qualitatively different conversation. Used this way it can make the session less confrontational for sensitive coachees.
  • Help the coachee take ownership

    Want to make your sessions more bespoke for your client? By rolling the dice or by examining and choosing their own question with which to engage, the coaching cubes allow the coachee to take ownership of the process and direction of the session, allowing you to work in different ways with different clients depending on their experience and need, helping them buy into your advice
  • Concentrate on listening

    The dice reflect the PRISMM coaching model, which is explained in the pack, meaning newer coaches have a well thought out model and process to fall back on, and more experienced coaches can use the questions provided so that they can concentrate on listening

Reviews from Coaching Cubes users
These cubes work brilliantly online as well as in person...They are especially valuable in situations where it's useful to introduce a touch of playfulness without appearing unprofessional. The spectacle of my attempts to juggle never fails to get a laugh and clients enjoy choosing which side of which cube from the ensuing debris. The hidden depth lies in the knowledge and structure behind the choice of questions, all of which are very powerful; even more so when engaged with in the manner that follows this method of selection. Highly recommended!

Sharman Hague

Need a playful helper for your coaching session or group discussion? The coaching cubes may be the right tool for you! I love to use them for icebreaker sessions in teamworkshops or to guide individual coaching sessions. The questions go deep directly and everyone I used them with felt quite moved after telling their stories. Thank you for this beautiful product

Sarah Neumann

Since making the wise decision :) to include Appreciating Change's Coaching Cubes in one of my corporate coaching sessions in early December, I have become a genuine believer in 'Cube Power'. What a superbly simple way to power-charge coaching sessions and motivate clients. Have participants roll their individual Coaching Cubes and watch the magic happen as thought-provoking questions move your people to share insights on irksome topics. Enthusiasm for the Coaching Cubes increases exponentially as inhibitions lessen. Valuable discussions invariably pull loose 'what if' threads together, thus promoting clear, precise, long-lasting client authored results. WOW. Thank you Sarah!

Jem Smith

Any questions? If you have anything you'd like to ask Sarah herself about her Coaching Cubes please drop us a line, she'll get right back to you

Designed and produced by Sarah Lewis, C. Psychol,  AFBPsS

This unique coaching tool was designed by our founder, chartered psychologist and experienced organisational coach Sarah Lewis.

Sarah has been designing and producing positive psychology tools for nearly 10 years, after finding that the products she wanted to use in her consultancy and coaching work did not exist.