In this podcast discussion with Dr Olena Berezovska we talk about the importance of the stories we tell each other and how they influence the sense we make of the world and our place in it. 

The podcast introduces the Tell Your Story cards as a way of helping people externalise their stories so that they can be worked on with another person. Having the story externalised like this can help bring new insights and interpretations into play.
The podcast also introduces the Coaching Cubes as a tool for promoting story creation, explanation and expansion within the context of a coaching environment, following the PRISMM coaching model. 
Remember, if you decide to buy a pack you get 10% discount with a newsletter subscription.
Olena introduces some very valuable information about the calming and grounding physiological effects of touching and manipulating objects like the coaching cubes while talking, particularly about difficult things.
Blog re Coaching Cubes

Our discussion covers topics such as

  • The importance of being able to express yourself emotionally
  • The importance of story in how we present ourselves
  • The story 'lived' and the story 'told'
  • The influence of stories told on the potential for change
  • Story telling and sense-making as a collaborative venture
  •  What to listen for when someone is telling their story
  • How to open up choice in people's stories
  • Using the card images literally and metaphorically
  • The benefits of a visual externalisation of a story
  • Different purposes for the cards
  • Working with metaphor
  • Using the coaching cubes
  • The power of a tactile tool to encourage groundedness, calmness and more effective decision-making.

 Remember, if you decide to buy a pack you get 10% discount with a newsletter subscription


Sarah Lewis