Values-In-Action (VIA) Strengths Cards for Personal Growth and Development

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Know your strengths to become happier and healthier

Develop your strengths with concise definitions and full guidance on how to develop each strength

This colourful and informative set of action-oriented cards brings the original Values in Action, commonly known as VIA, set of character strengths to life. This pack helps people understand their core character strengths and how to make the most of them. Great for coaches, consultants and therapists. 

All the VIA strengths were originally identified from extensive grounded research into valued human qualities conducted by Dr Seligman and Dr Peterson. 

Created By Sue Langley

This set of cards was created by Sue Langley, a pioneering Positive Psychology practitioner and researcher in Australia.

Suggested Uses for the VIA Strengths Cards

These cards are perfect for

  • Introducing people to the Values-in-Action strengths classification
  • Coaches, facilitators, counsellors and therapists
  • Helping people realise their human potential
  • Identifying people's signature strengths
  • Supporting people to really activate their strengths
  • Encouraging people build on their strengths
  • Helping people learn how to bring their strengths into play in more ways
  • Expanding on the results of the online VIA self-assessment

Recommended Strengths Practitioner Training

If you work a lot with strengths, and would like to boost your credentials and demonstrate your expertise, then we highly recommend the great value online Strengths Practitioner Certificate Training run by our affiliated colleagues the School of Positive Transformation.

This video based course is delivered by Professor Ilona Boniwell, an expert in the area and an inspiring teacher. It is a specifically focused course of 50 hours tuition. Priced at around $290 (currently approx. £236) it represents excellent value. Free assessment tools are included and there is a weekly Q and A session.

Product Information for the VIA Strengths Cards

Your 16x11.5x2 cm box of Values-in-Action Strengths Card weighs 0.26Kg and contains

  • A sturdy box
  • A card with six specific strengths exercises
  • A classifications card
  • An introductory card
  • Six category cards, with inspiring image
  • Twenty-four character strengths cards each with a defining images
  • A definition of each strength
  • 10 suggestions for activating each strength
  • 240 suggestions overall for putting strengths into action

Find out more about the Values In Action (VIA) Institute here

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