HEX Cards for Large Group Work, Storytelling and Creative Activities

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With these versatile HEX cards you can creatively map the story of any group outcome

Their hexagon shape allows the creation of mind-maps, values clusters, extended narratives and stories of infinite shape and variety

This fantastic set of hexagonal image and word cards is perfect for helping large groups combine their thoughts, ideas or aspirations into whole group mind map. With an almost infinite pattern of layouts, it can be used by consultants, trainers, facilitators and others to see 'the whole picture' in a beautifully original way.

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Creative Workshop Exercise: Enhancing Group Communication and Connection

Created By Professor Ilona Boniwell

These cards have been created by Professor Ilona Boniwell who says

'Hex cards are a research-based tool that combines images, words, and symbols to enable learning, creative collaboration and shared action. Through narratives that explore deeper meaning, they help accelerate insights and learning.'

Suggested Uses for Hex Cards

Highlighting Learning: At the end of the session people pick cards to represent their learning, highlight moment or similar and then lay them down in turn to create a connected story of the learning of the session

Story Telling: People select cards they believe hold key elements to the 'story' of the organisation, then future, the incidence or similar. Then take turns to add their card to co-create the group story.

Icebreaker: Everyone picks a couple of cards that speak to them. Then share in pairs the stories behind their choice, what those images or words meant to them.

Identifying Values: People pick the cards that best reflect what is important to them. They share in the group, and the group helps identify the values inherent in what they are saying. People add their cards, or start a new values 'cluster'.

Visions of the future: Select words and images that reflect the desired image of the individual or group, to make the dream visible and shareable.

Product Information for Hex Cards

Your 21.5 x13x6 cm pack of HEX cards weighs 0.915 kg and consists of 200 hexagonal cards:

  • 105 images that the participants to form metaphors. The pictures are carefully chosen and are very different in their expression and aesthetics.  Symbol

  • 78 words that help participants to put their words on complex thoughts. They are clearly positive, negative or neutral.

  • 17 symbols that represent something in between words and images. There are recognizable icons that help participants to share ideas in an easy and easy-to-understand way.

As well as a 60-page guide that includes:

  • The science behind HEX, including introduction to positive psychology and the use of narratives in positive psychology

  • The Hands On Thinking (HOT) method

  • Getting started with HEX with checklists and preparation guide

  • Eight detailed step-by-step session guides

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