Inspire Action Cards to boost Wellbeing and Flourishing For Coaches and Consultants

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A mixture of inspiring quotes and practical suggestions for improving wellbeing at your fingertips

A small pack of big value. Images, quotes, action suggestions for promoting wellbeing and flourishing with individual and groups.

This pack of 56 cards has carefully chosen inspirational quotations and suggestions on one side and varied and creative imagery on the reverse. All three elements can be used to inspire and boost levels of flourishing. In addition the cards are divided into, aces, spades, diamonds and hearts, with an additional joker card, for creative use as a fun game to introduce wellbeing-boosting ideas to groups and teams.

Created by Sue Langley

This pack of Inspire Action Cards was created by Sue Langley

Suggested Uses for the Inspire Action Cards

  • As an icebreaker
  • As an introduction to a strategy session
  • As a feedback exercise
  • As a daily inspiration tool
  • As card games such as patience
  • As picture cards to explore emotions, behaviour, motivation, communication
  • Picture cards to share feedback
  • With children using the three good things and three things you are grateful for to discuss each evening at bedtime

Product Information for the Inspire Action Cards

Your handy sized 6x9.5x2 cm robust plastic box weighs 0.1 kg and contains
  • 56 cards with a unique picture on each card
  • Each card has an inspiring quote or a positive action suggestion on the reverse
  • on one side to be linked to emotions, behaviour, motivation, communication and feedback.
  • Each cards is also a standard playing card. 
  • Red cards, hearts and diamonds have inspirational quotes
  • Black cards, clubs and spades have actions to do with emotional intelligence and positive psychology.
  • Three additional cards give detailed suggestions for use by facilitators, for personal use, and for use with children
  • The cards come in a very sturdy plastic box 

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