BeTalent Psychological Safety Cards to Boost Team Performance

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Make it safe to speak up

Ten dimensions of psychological safety for group and team development work.

These psychological safety cards are designed to help create safe spaces for conversation, whether at a training event, a team event or therapeutic group work. Psychologically safe groups can discuss difficult issues, pull in the honest opinion of all and work effectively with diversity. People who feel psychologically safe are willing to show vulnerability and to take psychological and social risks. People feel accepted and respected for who they are and the unique value they bring. All this improves team performance.

These cards explore ten scientifically determined dimensions of psychological safety, giving an explanation of the preference, and a full description of the behaviour, of teams at each end of the dimension.

They are an excellent tool for consultants, trainers and therapists working to improve communication, decision-making, leadership and culture.

Creative Workshop Exercise: Boost Communication, Trust and Performance

Created by Dr Amanda Potter

This card set is created by Dr Amanda Potter

Suggested Uses for the Psychological Safety Cards

  • Help people explore their current team culture with a view to improving it
  • Help people identify the team culture they want to achieve
  • In coaching, help people identify the salient factors where they work that affect their mindset and how they show up at work
  • Use in career coaching or performance appraisals
  • Working with the executive team on culture change

Product Information for the Psychological Safety Cards

Your 16x11.5x1 cm pack weighs......Kg and contains

  • Ten illustrated pairs of cards, matched by colour, representing 10 dimensions of psychological safety: Diversity, Leadership, Purpose, Trust, Expectations, Honesty, Discussion, Connection, Conformity, and Mistakes
  • One guide card, with an explanation of psychological safety and an initial exercise
  • Twenty descriptions of psychological behaviours such as seeking consistency, embracing diversity, avoiding failure or learning from mistakes
  • Twenty accounts of how members of a team behave at each end of a spectrum of behaviour around a dimension
  • A transparent, robust envelope box

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