Feeling Magnets for Emotional Intelligence and Development

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A creative way to work with feelings

Portable and fun, this emotions tool can be used to help anyone talk about how they are feeling

This innovative, attractive and fun tool introduces a new way to explore emotional states and responses. Using the magnetic tin or another magnetic surface, emotions can be chosen, discussed and change. A valuable additional emotional health and wellbeing resource for trainers, facilitators, leaders, managers and workers to help people and groups to expand their emotional vocabulary, awareness and intelligence. 

Free user guide to feeling magnets

 Created By Manuela Bolton

The My Feeling Magnets were created by Manuela Bolton

Suggested Uses for Feeling Magnets

  • Daily Team Monitoring - Morning and Evening Boards
  • Coaching and Counselling Conversations
  • Performance Conversations
  • Dispute and Conflict Mediation
  • Exploring and Expanding Emotional Awareness
  • In Conjunction with the Positive Emotions Card Set
  • Project Preparation or Debrief
  • Youth Work
  • Counselling and Therapy
  • Wellbeing work

Please also see the free guide to using the My Feeling Magnets, including fuller explanations of some of the ideas above.

Product Information for Feeling Magnets

 Your  11x11.5x2cm pack of emotion magnets weighs 0.25 and contains 

  • 94 colourful magnets with carefully selected emotions grouped into 10 colour-coded categories, covering a range of positive and negative emotional states

  • A Portable, metal magnet tin box of 10.5x10.5x1.5 cm to hold all the emotion magnets safely, and to provide a surface for using the magnets

  • A beautifully designed guide that explains how to help people with their emotional journey

  • Bonus “I want to feel…” and 'I am feeling' magnets

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