Positive Psychology Cards - a new way of psychological help

Using strengths cards and positive emotion cards 

I am hugely privileged to have been invited to contribute to Dr Olena Berezovska's popular and successful podcast and youtube series. She and I spent a happy 40 minutes discussing using positive psychology tools in our work as a psychiatrist and a psychologist. I am delighted to share the link to our conversation.

Positive Emotions Cards and Strengths Cards

  In this Youtube pod cast we explore how using Positive Emotions Cards and Strengths cards can help with wellbeing and personal development. We investigate some of the coaching questions and action suggestions in the card packs and how exploring these aspects of positive psychology - positive emotions and positive strengths, can make a real in-the-moment difference.

In particular we discuss

  • The benefits of knowing and understanding our own strengths
  • The benefits of feeling good
  • What is needed when we're feeling down
  • The Positive Emotion Cards in some depth
  • Ideas for using the Positive Emotion Cards
  • Expanding emotional awareness
  • Strengths-spotting and strengths identification
  • Appreciative Inquiry discovery interviews to discover strengths
  • Using strengths

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