Positive Psychology in Business by Sarah Lewis

Positive Psychology in Business by Sarah Lewis

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The latest book by our founder, Sarah Lewis, Positive Psychology in Business draws together key ideas and techniques for applying positive psychology and strengths-based growth to a wide range of workplace settings and cultures. Mounting evidence demonstrates the returns that come from investing in developing high-energy motivation, positive relationships, trust, meaningfulness and a sense of belonging.

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Each of the practical, to the point chapters addresses an urgent need or a crucial issue of contemporary working life in our increasing volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment (VUCA). Sarah Lewis shows how any leader, manager, organisation or employee can apply positive and appreciative concepts such as building social capital, creating a feel-good workplace, encouraging positive deviation, leading authentically, creating conditions for change, having courageous conversations and building happy teams to create effective growth. Hope, gratitude, willpower, forgiveness and kindness are recognized as indispensable qualities in a time of crisis, not added extras to be ditched when the going gets tough.

Designed as a ready reference for the hard-pressed manager or human resources specialist, you can turn to this book for ideas, guidance, or inspiration and come away with solutions that you can put into practice immediately. Whatever the particular business challenge, whether it is improving performance, leading in turbulent times, or even how to downsize, you will find a chapter that offers ideas about how to do it in a positive, appreciative way.




This is my favourite kind of book by my favourite kind of author. It allows you to dip in and out easily. And yet, each visit is rewarded by a a new insight or a valuable gobbit of knowledge. And its author is able, at the same time, to convey both a great depth of knowledge and understanding, and also a lightness of touch that makes her content easy to assimilate, evaluate, and apply. Sarah Lewis has no truck with shallow knowledge and pop wisdom. She is able to back up all of her ideas and recommendations with references to academic research. My second highest accolade for a business book is to fill it with notes in the margins and on sticky labels. My highest is to sit it on the shelf directly behind my desk. That is where this is. - Dr. M. Clayton, 5* review from Amazon


I am a serial business book buyer. I’m often drawn in by a compelling concept, buy the book, flick through with interest and place on the shelf until I’ve got time to read it which invariably means never. This book didn’t make it to the shelf. The first flick through got me and I was unable to put it down. I love this sort of book, evidence based psychology with a huge dose of practical application. The author has clear credibility right from the get go as her writing is supported by her experience. Positive psychology has huge potential to shape the world of work now and in the future and I loved how this book makes it accessible and practical. - Julia Smith, 5* review from Amazon