Choose Happiness @ Work Brings Positive Psychology to the Workplace

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Help organisations overcome common workplace solutions using proven science-based techniques in a fun and engaging way

This thoroughly researched and well designed game introduces key positive psychology ideas and actions to the workplace through active engagement

Choose Happiness at Work gets people talking, laughing, and solving real-world workplace problems while learning science-based strategies to apply at work. Played as a game it engages adult learners in a unique and powerful way that supports learning, application, humor and team-building building an atmosphere that makes it more possible for people to safely raise and discuss issues, build trust, and boost engagement. Perfect for coaches and consultants, leaders and managers who want to bring the benefits of positive psychology to their clients and organisations.

Access to e-course: Thrive from 9-5: The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work, by Happy brain Science (normally $79) included with each purchase (simply email us to arrange access after purchase). 

Free user guide to happiness at work

Solving work problems with positive psychology

Created by Scott Crabtree

This fantastic game is created by Scott Crabtree

Suggested Uses for Chose Happiness@ Work Game

  • To find ways forward on common organisational problems
  • Improve team or organisational culture
  • Team Building
  • Workshops
  • To introduce positive psychology in a practical, highly relevant way
  • Boost profitability. Science suggests that a boost in happiness raises productivity 10-25%. So if this tool makes just one person who’s contributing £50,000 of value in a year happier, it has paid for itself 20+ times over, in the first year alone!
  • Building psychological safety
  • As a game that ensures that each person takes away immediately applicable tools, tips and strategies

Product Information for Choose Happiness@Work Game

Your Chose happiness at work game comes in 10x10x7.5 cm sturdy box weighing 0.39 kg and contains

  • 50+ scenarios cards describing common challenges experienced at work. Each scenario identifies and provides context for a common workplace situation, followed by a succinct scientific justification for why it is a problem at work. 

  • 100+ unique science-based solution cards that describe ways to meet challenges and thrive at work

  • Create your own solution cards, try it now cards and other ideas are contained in the solution pack. Each card is clearly labeled with its solution theme and gives an outline of the research supporting the suggested solution
  • Four solution themes: Practice Positivity, Subdue Stress, Flow to Goals, Revitalise Relationships. Each theme is described on the reverse
  • 7 Categories cards that describe the four solutions themes. these are to help players remember the themes

  • 1 Thank You card

  • Full instructions for standard play, plus 19 additional ways to play and 7 facilitation strategies

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