Dr Potter Strengths Cards
Dr Potter Strengths Cards
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Dr Potter Strengths Cards

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These thirty high-quality, carefully-designed strengths cards are based on extensive research into workplace strengths by Dr Potter. They are perfect for

  • Helping people identify their work-based strengths
  • Identifying team strengths
  • Increasing awareness of the strengths that make a difference at work
  • Exploring strengths like – meticulous or composed that don’t appear in other strengths sets
  • Exploring each strength in depth
  • Workplace Coaching
  • Combing with the other Dr Potter products to encourage all round understanding of the self at work

The result of rigorous psychological research processes, this pack is securely grounded in the strengths that really make a different at work.

Each pack contains

  • A strong polythene container
  • 30 colourful cards, one for each strength
  • Detailed descriptions of each strength
  • An introductory card that includes user instructions and links to the online support for this tool.

Part of a system of 4 card sets developed by Dr Potter - the BEST system - their Strengths Cards help you to identify the strengths that are important to you and those which you have (not always the same thing!) to aid your work in teams and in the wider working environment. 

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 Each card has a well-chosen picture to illustrate the strength on one side while on the other there is is a clear definition of the strength and some example of how that strength translates into day-to-day working life. This makes identifying the strength in yourself or others easy.


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